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African American Couple

Co-Therapy in Plantation, Florida

 Male-Female Co-therapy Team Approach

When couples in a relationship are seeking marriage counseling to save a marriage, it is usually because either one, or both, of them is feeling hurt, angry, or betrayed. When there is only one therapist, what often happens is that once the marriage counseling process has begun one partner in the relationship begins to feel as if he or she is not being understood. This feels as if the therapist is taking sides with the other partner in the couple. This can occur even if the therapist is doing his/her very best to be fair and impartial. The result of this is usually that the partner feeling left out will refuse to continue in marriage counseling because of feeling under attack from the therapist teamed up with the other partner.

Arlene and Irwin are a married couple who are both licensed therapists and have developed a unique and effective male-female co-therapy team approach to counseling couples. Using this special team marriage counseling technique helps each partner in the relationship feel understood and appreciated. Therefore, the marriage counseling process can proceed to provide an effective therapeutic intervention.

The results can be amazing and transformative. Couples who have been struggling for years are able to find their way back to the magical loving experience of when their relationship was new.

Call today for a free initial telephone consultation and let Arlene and Irwin help you “Get Back The Magic”.

Offering Therapy and Counseling services for a variety of issues, but specializing in Marriage Counseling and Hypnosis for self improvement

Serving all of Broward and South Palm Beach Counties, including:
Plantation, Davie, Weston, and
Fort Lauderdale - FL - Florida