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African American Couple

Court Related Services in South Florida and Central Florida

Court Related Services

Parent Coordination
Guardian ad Litem
Family Mediation
Home Study Investigation
Family Therapy
Divorce Counseling

During legal contests in Family Court parents often disagree with each other about what is best for their children. The parents are dealing with painful issues of divorce; while at the same time attempting to deal with the day to day care and emotional conflict of their children. In the course of the divorce process what is best for the involved children often becomes entangled with the personal best interests of the individual parent.

Often it is necessary to engage the assistance of a third party child advocate whose responsibilities are to promote the best interests of the children. This is important because the children are the innocent and unintended victims of an adversarial situation. When parents are divorced the most fundamental concern is that a child should have the opportunity to maintain a positive and loving relationship with each parent.

Arlene and Irwin Isaacs are child advocates with more than 15 years of experience in Dependency and Family Court, advocating for the best interests of children. They have more than 25 years of experience as marital and family therapists. The Isaacs are well respected by the judges and attorneys with whom they have worked; and have been named "Family Guardians ad Litem of the Year" by the GAL Program in Broward County.